Meditation on Attention

A time-lapse photo of a sky at twilight, with the curved lines of stars' movement.

Sit and rest for a minute. Take several deep breaths in and out again, calling your attention to this space.


Pay attention.

Pay attention to where you are right now.

I mean where you are,

Where you are,

And where you are.

You are here, in this community

In this sanctuary

In this state, in this country

On this beautiful blue planet

Whirling through the tailspin of a galaxy.

You are unique

You are made of cells and hormones

You are a mix of thoughts, emotions, values

You are the inheritors of your parents’ and ancestor’s dreaming

You are part of the human inhabitants on this earth.

You are.

You exist.

You are breathing, you are still

You are connected, you are present

You have a holy spark inside you

You are here now. You are paying attention.

Blessed be.