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To Light the Darkness and Begin Again

In the foreground, a trio of candles in small jars. In the background, a group of people form a friendly huddle.

There is a glow far off in the distance, a light to which no path leads. We know that each time we help another or join with them to heal the world, each time we stand up for justice and what is right, each time we work and hope and love against all odds, a spark is created that adds to the intensity of that light. We join with others who see and turn toward the glow. As we travel toward that beacon, the underbrush of indifference is flattened and a path is created. More are led to join us, and obstacles are kicked away, and a road is formed.

Many approach the light, strengthened by our works, and we join them to each light a candle. Although many candles are lighted, the blaze never diminishes. We travel out into the world again, to light the darkness and begin again.

The cycle continues, our work intensifying the glow, and our joining with others to travel to the blaze and light our candles again. We continue knowing that one day we, or our grandchildren, or perhaps their grandchildren will no longer travel that widened and trodden path to light a candle, because dawn has arrived, justice is commonplace and poverty is vanquished, and the Beloved Community stands illuminated in the fullness of daylight.