Honoring Our Mothers

Gracious Mother
Matrix of Creation
Womb of Mystery
We thank you on this day for the miracle of birth,
For the holiness of sex,
For the power of eros and passionate love
To regenerate the world.
Mother Nature, Earth Mother,
We lift our hearts in song
For all forms green and fragrant 
Glad with the hymns of resurrection
And the rhythms of rebirth.
Ancient Mother, Grandmother Spirit,
We share your travail
And feel the anguish of mothering
The hard work of those who labor,
The pain of those who struggle with fertility,
The wounds of those victimized by sex,
The grief of women separated from their children.
Healing Mother, Midwife of Change,
Enable us to partake of your promise:
To bring forth the blade from the waiting soil,
To bring community out of chaos,
To turn tears into rejoicing,
Through service to you,
Endless Source of Life,
Cradled in your arms,
Nourished by your goodness,
Infolded within your beauty,
Great Goddess in whom we live and move.