Spirit of life, we come together this Easter

Spirit of life, we come together this Easter morning to rejoice in your ongoing creation around us and within us. We come to rejoice, but we come with burdens of sorrow and pain, of shame and fear, of false obligation and false pride. On this Easter morning may we discover a joyous and courageous faith enabling us to set these burdens down.

We would remember the teachings of Jesus, whose words and example embodied your outreaching and unconditional love. And we acknowledge that we yearn to be touched by such love, but that we are not always ready to receive it or to give it. Our fears get in the way, we have hardened our hearts, and busied our lives with cares. On this Easter morning, we pray that the heavy stones which burden us and separate us from you may be rolled away, releasing our spirits to love and to new life.

Spirit of life, we confess that too often we have not taken time to search for the beauty of your creation hidden around us. As we allow such beauty to go unnoticed we have deprived ourselves of occasions for joy and delight. On this Easter morning we pray that our senses may come alive, ready to respond to all the beauty, the harmony, the fragrance, taste and texture of life around us.

It is the season of renewal and all around us everything is bursting into bloom or song. The hidden beauty of nature is preparing to unfold. On this Easter morning we would be assured that we too have a hidden inner beauty ready to unfold, reflecting the image of your creative power.

Spirit of life, we pray for the courage to open ourselves to your touch, knowing that as we do, we will be changed. We will grow, but in so doing we must leave behind the outgrown coverings which have hidden our true and most beautiful selves.

Spirit of life, as we feel you flowing and pulsing within, we pray for a courageous and joyous faith, empowering us to become our finest and truest selves, empowering us to see your image in our brothers and sisters, empowering us to participate with you in the creation of a new time of life, in which love, justice, beauty and peace are abundantly available to all.

For this we pray. Amen.