A Christmas Blessing

The story tells of a woman heavy with child, traveling with her partner to be counted in a census declared by a distant ruler unaware of the lives disrupted or the life that is to come. 
May those in power open their minds and hearts to the impact of their actions on others, and especially those who are unseen and unprotected.

The story tells of too many people and not enough housing so that the couple shelters in a stable with the animals. 
May we know that there can be enough housing for all; housing that offers comfort, warmth, home.

The story tells of a baby born on a cold night, the birthing cries unrecorded, perhaps unheard; a child swaddled, loved and warmed by his parents and the animals in the stable. 
May the cries of all mothers be heard, and may all children born into this world be welcomed, warmed, and loved.

The story tells of a star bright in the night sky heralding a message of new life, pointing the way to light, toward hope. 
May we have glimpses of the stars on these long, dark nights, and may we see in the starlight a message of life, of light, of hope.

May this be so.
Blessings to you this holiday season.