When you heard that voice and
knew finally it called for you
and what it was saying—where
were you? Were you in the shower,
wet and soapy, or chopping cabbage
late for dinner? Were you planting radish
seeds or seeking one lost sock? Maybe
wiping handprints off a window
or coaxing words into a sentence.
Or coming upon a hyacinth or one last No.
Where were you when you heard that ancient
voice, and did Yes get born right then
and did you weep? Had it called you since
before you even were, and when you
knew that, did your joy escape all holding?
Where were you when you heard that
calling voice, and how, in that moment,
did you mark it? How, ever after,
are you changed?

Tell us, please, all you can about that voice.
Teach us how to listen, how to hear.

Teach us all you can of saying Yes.

About the Author

Nancy Shaffer

Nancy Shaffer (1950-2012) was a Unitarian Universalist minister, a poet, and the author of Instructions in Joy: Meditations (Skinner House Books, 2002). She served congregations in Carmel, California; Glen Allen, Virginia; Evanston, Illinois; and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Instructions in Joy

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