All Our Relations

Our time is short here on the earth.
Around us swirl immensities of time and space,
A universe infinite in all directions.
How small our hopes and cares seem
Amid the panorama of creation.
Yet we are not separate from the cosmos
But have evolved and grown out of it,
Like the leaves of a tree
Or the waves upon a sea.
And our thoughts are its thoughts,
Our lives a manifestation of never ending vitality,
Our spirits a microcosm
Of the beauty and creativity of the whole
Fill us then with reverence and compassion
For all who are our kin,
Cloud and sun, sibling and cousin,
The multitude of beings
Who share this improbable and never-to-be repeated moment,
All expressions, like ourselves,
Of the Mind-at-Large,
The Spirt-at-Play,
The Dynamism-at-Work,
In whom we live and move
And whom we will never know.