Pastoral Prayer

Spirit of Life,

We pause to give thanks for many gifts of life that are ours, gifts we find expressed and enhanced in the community of this church.

We are grateful for our family and friends and all they mean to us.

We are grateful for opportunities to learn and grow, and for teachers of all kinds, those who come into our classrooms, and those we find within the pages of a book.

We are grateful for the insights and beauty we find all around us in the natural world.

We are grateful for ministry, and for all the forms that it takes in our community of faith - in teaching and preaching; in care for children and care for our seniors and care for our building; in leadership tasks both large and small.

We pause now in silence witness to the gifts we share and the gratitude we feel:



About the Author

Wayne B Arnason

The Rev. Dr. Wayne Arnason is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist with a forty-year career of service in UU congregations and institutions. Rev....

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