Spirit of life

Spirit of life, we are joined today in a moment of gratitude for a perfect fall day -- for a last blaze of sunshine in a sapphire sky, before the rain and snow -- for gold and crimson leaves, before we are mired in piles of slush -- for the moment of peace and contemplation in which to appreciate this rare beauty.

This moment of perfection sharpens our love for an imperfect world. We are reminded of the many people in the world who are burdened by hunger and pain, by sorrow and anxiety, by violence and loss. We pause this morning to share our concern and care for the people of (whatever place is currently suffering from war or disaster). May they find comfort and peace, and may their burdens be lifted from them.

Closer to home, we think of (those in the congregation who are suffering or sorrowing). May they, too, find comfort and peace, and may their burdens be lightened.

May we find it in ourselves today to work toward a better world. We are energized by the beauty of the day. May we make use of that energy to take part in the lifting of burdens. May our gratitude find expression in the care of others, both near and far. May we find ways to bless the world. Amen.