Source of life and death

Source of life and death, ground of all being, Spirit of our spirits, whose we are in life and in death—Life itself is the great mystery and death a part of it. In truth we know not the one nor the other. We live and die in the mystery of being from moment to moment till at the end we merge with the universe and marry the All in One, the One in All.

We pray for ourselves this day. May we be more kind, tolerant and charitable toward one another and all with whom we share this globe of love and laughter and tears. Knowing our mortal frame, that we have no given day with certainty, may we be more ready to lend a helping hand, make someone's life a little easier and happier by what we do or say, bequeath a kinder and fairer earth than we received, and at the last bless the giver and receiver of life for all we have and are in this world and in the world to come. Amen.