Meditation for Yom Kippur

Please join with me in the spirit of meditation and prayer.

We have returned again to the time of Atonement, the time to look back over our lives this past year and face the realities of when we have fallen short of the aims set forth in "Moments of high resolve."

We have the opportunity, if we choose to take it, to hold ourselves to a standard that calls us to heed our faith's principles in the life we live each day.

The Jewish New Year asks of us forgiveness and atonement: To be at one with each other in times of broken promises, that we might mend relationships; To be at-one with each other in times of pain that we might bring comfort in our compassion for the intensity of that pain: To be at one with each other in times of joy that we might enrich the shared laughter so necessary to our well-being.

Atonement is an attempt to be at one with the holy. For us it is also an attempt to create a wholeness of community among ourselves. Here is where the sacred and the holy enter, and the community we create brings a sense of at-one-ment not known elsewhere. Forgiveness, atonement, wholeness come together in this place as we become one gathered community of liberal religious seekers.

Let us rejoice and be thankful that we are together again. In that togetherness, let us be silent.

So Be It.