An Easter Mediation

Eternal spirit, we witness
bringing green growth throwing out tiny tendrils seeking support;
sprouting thin twigs reaching for the bright golden sun;
guiding new tubers seeking water in dark, sandy soil,
Be in and amongst us this Easter morning.

We gather this morning to celebrate the triumph of life over death.
The body can be killed but the spirit cannot be quenched.
Only yesterday had we given up all hope of the promise of the coming divine realm
and today we are renewed and inspired as we realize it is now already here.
This morning we remember that pain, suffering and death are not ends
but can be scary underground passageways to more abundant life—
If ... we have the courage to face our fear and crawl through
to be pushed and pulled by the mind narrowing forces of lust, hate, and

This morning we renew our dedication to act from our love rather than our fear,
We renew our faith in the inherent dignity and worth of all humanity—
including ourselves—which cannot be removed from anyone
and seek the nerve to face the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
which may come our way.
In our moments of defeat and surrender,
may we turn away from the paths of revenge, denial, and cynicism.
May we remember the eternal truth spun into the web of life:
our wounds can become sacred incarnational teaching
of the wisdom imbedded in the story of resurrection.

Let us celebrate together this morning,
the one who never gives up even in the darkest night of winter,
our blue green planet earth, resurrected anew each spring.