Christmas Eve Prayer

Source of all gifts,
Giver of all peace,

On this silent and holy night
we celebrate once again our deep faith
that this venture we call existence
is not meaningless,
is not hopeless.

We celebrate once again
that though the world is mired
in war and hatred, prejudice and greed,
the human family was always meant for better things.

As the earth yields to the cold of winter, as our bodies yield to the tiredness of night, as our skepticism yields to the joy of this season of family, friends, and fellowship, the world will one day yield to the power of Love.

For the light of Love
- our lived and embodied Love -
shines in the darkness,
and the darkness will not overcome it.

God whose other name is Love,
on this silent and holy night
rekindle in us a curious wonder
about how Love’s light comes to birth
in, with, and among us.

Rekindle our childlike excitement
about how that newborn Love
might grow and change,
challenge and transform
us, and the world around us.

Just as a single flame
recalls the noonday sun,
may our time in worship
this silent and holy night
remind us ever of the power of almighty Love:

Love that we so often have no room for;
Love always born fragile and vulnerable; Love endangered by cynicism and apathy; Love nurtured and reared by human care; Love willing to give up being liked for what is right; Love that speaks truth to power; Love that risks even life itself to insist the Truth – Truth that everyone is a sacred gift; Truth that everyone bears the image of God; Truth that the Light of the World shines through us all.

These and all things we pray for Love’s sake.