We Matter (Joys and Sorrows Meditation)

In our community we make time each week to share pieces of our lives with one another. We do this because each person in this community has value. Each person’s experience matters. We share our sorrows with one another today, knowing that sorrow comes into each person’s life, knowing that together we offer comfort.

Sorrows (music)

We also share our joys with one another, knowing too that joy comes into all our lives, knowing that together our voices can rise in a chorus of celebration.

Joys (music)

Not everything joy or sorrow can be shared openly in community, some must be shared eye to eye, or held in the heart. We further recognize that some do not have voices with which to speak the depth of their pain or the height of their celebration. We make space each week for silent candle lighting, knowing the life and experience of every person matters and together our lights shine brighter.

Silent Candle Lighting (music)