Meditation on Flower Communion Sunday

Adapted from Flower Sunday, 1969

On a day such as this may a great change come upon us. The sounds we have been hearing have been discordant; the sights we have been seeing have been violent; the words we have been reading have been hateful. All this has been wearying, discouraging and distracting. In our hearts we had a dream of love and in our minds we had a pattern of community, but this has been a sorry season of discontent, most difficult for visions.

Today is a new day: truly an hour for hope and joy and gladness. Let us be thankful for the persistence of flowers, and open ourselves to their long wisdom. Often they grow in spite of terrible winters and miserable summers. Strange beauty greets us in unexpected places, as if there is a particular grace that is stronger than our carelessness and indifference. But when we tend our gardens with love and care, the reward can be greater than the effort.

It is most wise to combine flowers and children in a day of celebration, for flowers and children ever speak to us of wonders and glories yet to be, of hopes fulfilled if we tend our gardens and our homes with patience and wisdom and love.

Let us be silent together.


Source: UU Faith Works Winter/Spring 2003

About the Author

William B Rice

Rev. William Brooks Rice (1905-1970), a Unitarian Universalist minister, was the chair of the Universalist and Unitarian Joint Merger Commission. He was later recognized as "the chief architect" of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Read more about his life and ministry here.

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