Let Us Rest In This Peace

Spirit of Life and Love,
We have gathered again out of our separateness to know that we are not alone.
In our fears, we are not alone.
In our grasping for peace, finding it in fleeting moments,
and losing it again to some turmoil of the mind and heart, we are not alone.
In our cynical moments, our wonderings
Is this all there is?
Is this the best we can do?
we are not alone.
In our pain, we are not alone.

And so we dwell in You, Spirit of healing and wholeness,
for this brief time—
Willing to be held here in an immense and eternal love
whose origins we do not know,
whose reality is irresistable.
It calls us on.
It reaches between us to fill spaces.
It consoles the grieving, and it calms the anxious.
It gives new vision to eyes dimmed by tears and exhaustion,
it opens the ear to deeper truth.
It makes a place in the heart as hope.
Let us rest in this peace, and be held here.