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Prayer for Two Voices


Spirit of Life and love known by many names and worshipped in a rainbow of ways

Infinite Mystery,

Spark of Ah-ha and Ahhh and Awe

Conspiring energy of interdependent co-arising 

Be with us now.

Surround us.

Push us forward. 

Pull us together.

We give thanks this day for theopportunity to be together, to laugh, to learn, to play, and to build a vision.   May this time bind us and set us free.  May we know deep in our bones that we are not alone. 

We call in our elders.  The pioneers and pilgrims whose shoulders we stand on.  We call you in not to rest  and bask in your glow of bygone daysBut to be held accountable to the struggles and challenges and sacrifices you offered with love.  May we love you enough, love us enough, love those yet to come enough, to keep raising the bar of expectations and dreams and possibilities.  Give us the courage and conviction to put aside our egos and attachments so universal grace may stream in.

We call in the congregations we serve who deserve our very best. May we partner  with them to lay foundations under their cloud -surrounded dreams. 

We call in our silent, wise voice within. <insert dramatic pause> May we leave space to deeply hear what is spoken and unspoken.

Spirit of Life and Love, be with us today.  Give us the vision to dream, beyond ourselvesGive us the humility to see our short-comings as a place to begin and grow. Send us the compassion to create a safe place for us to explore possibilities  Give us the confidence to ask for what we need and want.  Give us the courage to take risks beyond her and now and us.

Salome. Shalom. Amen!

NOTE:  plain text = voice one; italicized text = voice twobold text = both voices

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Tandi Rogers

Rev. Tandi Rogers is a Congregational Life Staff member for the Pacific Western Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), serving as Emerging Ministries. Tandi teaches Religious Education for a Changing World at Meadville-Lombard Theological School. Two of her meditations appear in...

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