Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

. . . of advertisers run amok and ambitions amplified beyond belief

. . . of Martha Stewart moments mixed with desert island dreams

. . . when even the most dedicated holiday-hopper admits perfection

isn’t possible and “good enough” is how the season ought to be.

‘Tis the Season

. . . of post-inebriated Santas blocking with consumer guilt the way

to one-too-many holiday-mad stores.

. . . when glad tidings of busyness keep from us the news that

nostalgia ain’t what it was.

. . . when we deal with the gap between what we could/should be

doing and what is possible in the reality of today.

. . . the season when all the dreams you’ve ever dreamed of being—

but aren’t—return, reminding you of what you once could be.

For all this and more, I say to you (and to me)—

This is the seaon

. . . for generosity of spirit

. . . for giving of the heart without counting cost

. . . for forgiving those who are not here or not here as we would need

. . . for gentleness with self and others

. . . for hope that love in presence or in memory will pay a healing call

. . . for conviction that the way YOU greet each dayspring is what

matters after all.

Blessings, and may this holiday season bring, for you and yours,

Joy and Peace.