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Solstice Prayer

Would you please join me in the spirit of prayer and meditation?

Dear Gods and Goddesses, Spirit of Life & Love,

Bless us on this beautiful southern California winter day as we celebrate and honor the darkness of the season as a time for us to reflect, look inward, and nourish and replenish our souls for a new year and the coming light.

Grant us wisdom and courage to see the worth and dignity of our brothers and sisters around the globe who celebrate many different traditions and whose stories have something to teach us.

We give thanks to our family, our friends and our community.

We remember that this is a season of giving not just gifts but something of ourselves, our love or joy to those around us and especially to those in need.

Bless the poor, the hungry, the hurting. Bless those who are separated form their families and those who remember loved ones now gone. And let us remember the joy. The joy of the season, the joy of the children, the joy of the dark and the cold and the joy of this day. In the name of all that is holy, Amen.