Flower Communion Blessing

To be shared after the flowers have been distributed...

Within our hands we hold the resurrection of the world.
Transient and imperfect, these blossoms are still gifts of infinite value.
Like ourselves.

Too often we seek permanence and perfection.
Resisting change, blind to our shortcomings,
We become caught up in the petty issues and routine activities
Of our daily lives.

But may these flowers serve as a reminder
As they allow themselves to open to the heavens,
For despite their imperfections, they still have integrity,
And though they are transient, they contain the seeds of transcendence.
Like ourselves.

Let us then also open ourselves to mystery and wonder,
Fretting not about small mishaps or even (for now) great misfortune.
For the resurrection of the world is at our fingertips.
The resurrection lies within us.

Let us keep a moment of silent appreciation together.