We Arrive Together Here

We arrive together here

Travellers on life's journey

Seekers of meaning, of love, of healing, of justice, of truth

The journey is long, and joy and woe accompany us at every step

None is born that does not die

None feels pleasure that does not also feel pain.

The tear has not yet dried on the cheek but the lips curve sweetly in a smile

Numerous are our origins, our paths, and our destinations

And yet, happily, our ways have joined together here today

Spirit of life. Source of love.

May our joining be a blessing

May it bring comfort to those who are in pain

May it bring hope to those who despair

May it bring peace to those who tremble in fear

May it bring wisdom and guidance for our journeys

And though this joining may be for just a moment in time

The moment is all we can ever be certain of

May we embrace this and every instant of our lives.