Singing in the Night

I love to pray, to go deep down into the silence:

To strip myself of all pride, selfishness, and

coldness of heart;

To peel off thought after thought, passion after

passion, till I reach the genuine depths of all;

To remember how short a time ago I was nothing,

and in how short a time again I will not be here;

To dwell on all joys, all ecstasies, all tender

Relations that give my life zest and meaning;

To peek through a mystic window and look upon

the fabric of life – how still it breathes, how

solemn its march, how profound its perspective;

And to think how little I know, how very little,

Except the calm, calm of the silence, and the

Singing, singing in the night.

Prayer is the soul’s intimacy with God, the ultimate kiss.