Us. Here.
Us. Here.

This litany is intended to be read antiphonally (the congregation, split left and right, reading it to one another).

Here I am,
my sibling.
Here I am.

Can you
hear me?
Here I am. 

Saying you . . .
You. Here.
Now. We. 

We are.  
Here. Us.

Can you.
Hear me
here? I am

calling to you.
Calling to
us. You. Me.

Us together.
Here I am.
Calling. Let’s

all say “yes.”
Let’s. Here.
Now. Together.

All say . . .


About the Author

  • The Rev. Dr. David Breeden is senior minister of First Unitarian Society in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has written several books on theological topics and translates the writings of philosophers of classical antiquity.

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