Transfiguring Love

Deeper than DNA,
more fundamental than molecules or quarks,
at our living core,
we are wholeness and transfiguring love.

We often forget that power,
becoming lonely or resentful,
comparing ourselves to others,
acting out of our fears
rather than our living our glory.

Occasionally we rouse from our trance
to remember our wholeness.
For a time we embody unsentimental love.
We make efforts to wake others,
and to remain fully present ourselves.

Our lives and our time here together
are made sacred by our striving.

For the next seventy minutes,
and for the rest of our lives,
may we be more aware
of the Spirit of Life evolving through and among us.
So may we be.

A father and son nuzzle each other; the father looking up, holding his son aloft.