Remembrance Invocation

A spiral of rainbow-spectrum light

Voice 1 Welcome, you who approach this time as a journey toward the horizon, the beginning of the next chapter, seeking all of the insights and opportunities the new day offers.

Voice 2: Welcome, you who live out your values with passion, who have a drive for transforming the world toward gratitude and healing, who are ignited by purpose.

Voice 3: Welcome, you who ride the waves of life with serenity, you who show courage in facing the depths of true emotion, you who create and change and flow with time.

Voice 4: Welcome, you who are here to seek the center, you who wish to be grounded in community, you who call our attention to the present moment.

Voice 1: Welcome all, from every direction, with all of your gifts and your limits, with all that the past week and the past year have given you.

Voice 2: We find ourselves here, on the threshold of a new day, some would say a new year, at a time when the past and the present are stirred together in the cauldron of what we shall become.

Voice 3: Today we remember our beloved dead. Today we give thanks to the people and the forces that helped us to reach this moment.

Voice 4: Today we gather with the saints and sinners and souls who have been, are being, and will be this congregation, as we open up a new path to the future.