Love: past and present


A great worship to remind you of what the deeper emotion of love means to you. Doesn't take too much preparation.

Theme or Background

Revisiting past Love in our lives

Materials Involved

Paper, markers, tape.


After lighting the chalice and making sure people are comfortable and in a safe atmosphere, Begin to lead a guided meditation, encouraging people to relax and start to think about past and current loves in their life. Lead them through the types of things they might associate with the emotion of love; spring, nervousness, excitement etc. Try to get people to revisit all of these things and to feel them again. Eventually begin to talk about the first time we felt love. Ask people to remember the first person they had a crush on. See if they can picture that person's face. Then break out the paper and markers and let everyone try to draw that person's face or anything they associate with the memory. Let people tape up their pictures on the wall and allow everyone to walk around and look at other people's pictures, joke, reminisce, whatever.

For personal introspection ask people to write a love letter to someone or something past or present. This tends to be very emotional and personal. Be sure to tell them they will not be asked to share their letters. Let them get all their emotions out. Sometimes the letter writing is painful to people, They revisit painful emotions or memories. The last activity is usually a good pickup. Number off into 1's and 2's (or Unitarians and Universalists anything that's more creative than 1's and 2's) have the 1's stand facing each other in a circle and each 2 stand behind them. Each person whispers what they think love is or any thought about love into the inner circle person's ear, and then rotates around the circle. Switch and let the 1's whisper their ideas.