We Come Together Without Creed

In this free church, we come together without creed, focusing instead on the core values of justice, equity and compassion...

Of mutual acceptance of our diverse ways of being, as we seek to connect ourselves more fully with the unfolding truths of life and of our world.

We come together in shared conviction that all people deserve a voice in matters that concern them, and that it is up to each of us to protect the rights of all—particularly those who, for whatever reason, have long been held in silence.

We come together in the stubborn belief that community is possible and that peace is more than a dream.

We commit together to affirm in our actions as well as our words, the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.

We come together in awareness of our interdependence with all humanity, and with the wider web of existence, for that too is part of what is meant by "we."

In this free church, we come together without creed, believing that the way we live in the world bears testament to the value of our beliefs.

We light this chalice as a beacon of hope for who have gathered here this day. For all who have ever walked through our doors, for those who may yet find this spiritual home, and for those whose paths will never come our way.

For all this, and for all those things we dare to hope and dream, we kindle our chalice flame this day.