The Pride Flame

a small flame burns on the wick of a pillar candle with a striped rainbow pattern

We light this flame
to ignite our hearts and minds—
the spark of knowledge that enlightens,
the shimmering hope that burns,
the blazing love that engulfs our actions,
the bonfire of our commitment.

We light this flame for those
who celebrate themselves
who fear
who hope
who persevere
who stand on the side of love for all.

We light this flame
for those who have been ridiculed,
that they may find peace;
for those who have fought to marry,
that they may celebrate;
for those who live in uncertainty in the world,
that they may have hope.

We light this flame
to renew our commitment
that no one shall ever again
suffer for the right to love.

We light this flame
to celebrate our kaleidoscope of diversity:
working, loving, and living on the side of love.
For this, we light this flame.