In the Holy Presence

As we gather in this sacred moment, the Holy Spirit settles among her people.

Here and now, in the Holy presence, we kindle our sacred flame, calling to memory the pain and heartache we know all too well.

A loaf of bread and goblet of juice for communion at church.

Here and now, in the Holy presence, we kindle our sacred flame, calling to remembrance our beloved community, all the beloved ancestors who join us from the Heavens.

May our kindled sacred flame be that of a constant reminder that we are created in the image of the most loving God who has the Fiercest of Love for each of her beloveds. As a product of her Fierce Love, may we know we are welcome here! There is no need for guilt, child, or burden to lay down as payment to be the recipient of Fierce Love as you are worthy, whole, and sacred just as you.

Our sacred flame is now ablaze; settle, Beloveds, for we are in the presence of the Holy, surrounded by the warmth of familiarity in the sacred flame of our faith.

This chalice lighting was written for the annual Communion Service at General Assembly 2022.