Deep Calls Unto Deep, Joy Calls Unto Joy

Deep calls unto deep, joy calls unto joy, light calls unto light.
Let the kindling of this flame rekindle in us the inner light of love, of peace, of hope.
And "as one flame lights another, nor grows the less,”
we pledge ourselves to be bearers of the light, wherever we are.

A conceptual photograph showing the silhouette of a person pulling back a curtain of darkness to reveal a new, better world.

All Water Is One Water

By Mel Hoover, Rose Edington

From WorshipWeb

Water unites us. All water is one water, shape-shifting as it goes on and on in its unending cycle. The stream we gather by unites us with all the waters of the world, for all of life depends on water. That's why this common, everyday element on which our very lives depend is sacred. In our...

All Water Is One Water