Bold and Courageous Together

A person's hands, reaching up from the bottom of the frame, making a heart shape with their fingers.

Reader 1:
The word courage comes from the Latin cor, which means heart. According to poet Mark Nepo, the original use of the word courage meant to stand by one’s core: a “striking concept that reinforces the belief found in almost all traditions that living from the Center is what enables us to face whatever life has to offer.”

Reader 2:
To “encourage” means to hearten; to impart strength and confidence. This is our work, as a religious community: to encourage one another; to be bold in engaging the world around us, as well as what scares us internally; to give one another the confidence and heart to live as fully as possible.

With full hearts,
we affirm our relationships with one another;
we recognize our agency and our connective power;
and we accept our responsibility to be bold and courageous.
We light this chalice,
symbol of all that we are, all that we have done together,
and all that we will be as our shared ministry encourages those within, and beyond, our walls.