Bridging Ceremony for Fifth Graders

Religious Education Director: Today, we celebrate you as you take the next step on your journey, moving from childhood to adolescence. This is a wonderful time in your life, full of hope and expectation and wonder. As you begin to explore more about who you are, you are like a kite. Now we know that kites, while they are just lying on the ground, are not living up to their full potential. But a breeze is beginning to blow and as it gets stronger, it will lift you up higher into the sky. And as you soar, it is up to us, the adults of the congregation, to attach a string of moral guidance, to help you stay firmly grounded. Sometimes, you will exceed all expectations as the wind lifts you far into the blue sky. And when it does, we will celebrate the joy of flight with you. Other times the wind may stop altogether. You may falter. You may even fail at times. It is then that we will do all we can to make your landing as safe as possible.

Take this kite as a gift from us as you cross the bridge so that on this journey you may always remember to live up to your full potential as we help guide you.

(Gives youth kite and asks them to cross bridge.)

Youth Coordinator (after all have crossed): Now, you may notice that there is something a little different about your kites. They are not colorful like the kites you may be used to. These kites are blank white. So, the gift we also give you today are these crayons so that you may color in your kite and make it your own, different from anyone else’s kite in the world. Just like you, it will be unique. And whenever you see it, remember just how special you are. Remember to soar as high as you can. And most importantly, remember that this congregation holds you in the arms of love as you navigate your way into adulthood.

(Gives youth crayons and asks them to return to their seats.)

Note: The specific kites used in the UUCA service were from Kites R Us