Rainbow Flag Dedication

Let this banner be a symbol of hope,
A blanket of protection for those who need it,
And a cape of power for those who must be empowered.
Let this flag be a standard of our conviction to embody all of these things,
And to be the change we will upon the world.
Let the will we weave to empower and protect,
Be woven into this flag as we weave it into the world.
With our blessing let all love be sacred,
All unions safeguarded,
And all people free.

Blessed be.

About the Author

Alex Swift

Alex Swift is an American writer, poet, and general artist. He has an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and spends much of his time studying linguistics, literature, music, history, and spirituality. Alex is a member of the Lakeland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of New Jersey.

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