Blessing of New Drivers

Keeper of our journeys,
Today we mark and celebrate a significant moment
in the lives of these young people
Who this year assume the responsibility of becoming licensed drivers.
We ask that they might be gifted with wisdom
to make good choices as they navigate the roads ahead.
Provide them with safe passage.
Bless each with a clear mind and cold sobriety
that they might steer away from any danger
encountered along the way.
As they hurtle down life’s highway
Keep their vehicles right of center
But keep their hearts a little to the left
Knowing that there’s nothing middle-of-the-road
About our faith.
And let each know of the hope young people provide us
as they take this next step into maturity.
We ask all these things,
in the name of the One who travels with us
through all our journeys.
(At the conclusion of the ceremony, I present each new driver with an appropriate bumpersticker, either “Don’t Text and Drive” or a Unitarian Universalist (UU) bumpersticker.)