May Each Person's Backpack Be Their Friend

A young girl wears a large pink Hello Kitty backpack, in this photo taken from behind.

Each person (mostly children but some adults will have brought their backpacks too) comes forward with their backpack and stands in a group. The prayer follows, then worship associates give each person a “luggage tag” bearing a flaming chalice logo.
Spirit of Life and Hope and Love, for many of us, school starts this week. Some of us are excited about new beginnings. We are eager to start a new school year, or get a new classroom, or maybe even move to a new school. Some of us are home-schooled and we have new beginnings too, just not in the same way. A new year means new subjects, new levels of things we’ll be expected to do. Some of us are excited about new beginnings. Holy spirit, be with everyone who is looking forward to what lies ahead.

Some of us are nervous about what’s coming. Some of us are scared. Some of us try hard to be big and brave, and that’s not always easy. For some of us, school is a place where we really don’t want to be. Spirit of Life, be with everyone who is nervous about what lies ahead. May each person’s backpack be their friend, reminding that they are unique and special and very okay. May their backpack hold special things to help them remember how strong they are, and remind them of the people who believe in them and will love them always.

Holy spirit, be with these young people. Help them remember their values, and let their lives be guided by the principles of our shared faith. May this new year be for each one filled with fun adventures and special joys. And may love be with these young people, this day and every day. May they always know that here in this Fellowship they can find the hands of friends.

[The children are sung out to their religious education program.]

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Maureen Killoran

Born in Canada, Rev. Maureen Killoran has, over the past 30 years, served UU congregations in Ohio, British Columbia, Oregon, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland, Texas, and Florida.

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