A Doorway From the Past to the Present

A team of professional photographers, outdoors, takes photos of a quinceañera in a billowing red formal gown.

You do not have to wear the dress.
You do not have to have a party.
You do not have to dance the waltz con tu papa.
You do not have to accept the gift of your last doll.

You can break those traditions.

You have right of passage into adulthood simply for being you.

We are thankful that you acknowledge your Latinx heritage.

We are honored to celebrate this milestone with you.

We want you to know the fancy dress can equally be fancy pants.
We want you to know the fiesta is meant to be a souvenir to take into your future.
We want you to know the dance is a doorway from the past to the present.
We want you to know the doll is to remind you not that you are no longer a child,
but rather that you are regal;
that you deserve honor
deserve love
deserve to be cherished.

Felicidades, dear one.

About the Author

Raquel V. Reyes

Raquel V. Reyes is a member of the UU Congregation of Miami, where she's a past worship chair, and a co-organizer of Biscayne Unitarian Church (2012-2014). Her poetry and fiction often focus on identity and place. "Representation matters" is a chorus she chants....

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