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Blessing of the Water

A tiny drop of water bouncing off of the surface of water in a bowl.

This water is sacred. It is made sacred by the many hands that have poured it with intention and love, the many stories that each drop contains, the many lives surrounding it in this unique moment, connected by commitment and faith.

This water is sacred. May it continue to flow through this community, with shining reflections of the unique gifts that flow through each of its members.

Response: This water is sacred.

May it continue to nurture this community, With sustaining hope that we journey together through ripples of growth and change.

This water is sacred.

May it continue to bless this community with loving reminders of our collective responsibility to one another and the world.

This water is sacred.

May its ripples be a reminder that the changes and growth within this community bring movement and transformation to the world beyond our doors.

This water is sacred.

May its purity offer grace to our community, and the willingness to forgive ourselves and one another when we make mistakes.

This water is sacred.

In moments when we are confused or uncertain, may it bring us clarity of purpose and commitment.

This water is sacred.

In moments when the reservoirs of hearts and spirits are drained by sorrow or pain, may it nourish them with the knowledge that we are surrounded by a deep and abundant love.

This water is sacred.

About the Author

Ranwa Hammamy

The Rev. Ranwa Hammamy is a chaplain for an elder care provider in Oakland, California, and is a community minister affiliated with Mt. Diablo UU Church in Walnut Creek, California. She is co-president of druumm (Diverse Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries).

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