Blessing for Life and the End of Life

We offer blessings for life and the end of life.
Blessings for the dying.
Blessings for the caregiver, holding love and carrying burden.

Blessed is the Body.
Youth claimed by death.
Elder claimed by death.
Blessed is all creation moving toward one ending in order to begin again.

Let us
Bless the wake, the gathering, the gathered —shiva
The food bought and cooked and delivered whether eaten or not
Bless the toasts
The drinks crashing down throats
The drinks shared with the ground in remembered friendship
Blessed are the stories told with tears and with loud, loud, loud laughter

Bless the hair cut short; the hair grown long in mourning

Blessed is the black for mourning
Blessed is the white worn for mourning
Blessed is the body wrapped for grieving
Blessed is the showing of pain
Blessed is the celebration of life

Bless the ashes
Bless the dust
Bless the grave

Bless the gravedigger
Bless the dirt and the feel of it in the hands

Bless the stones on the grave
the flowers
the headstone
the monument
Bless the inscription
Bless the Naming of the Dead

Blessed are the memories

Bless those who feel
Hurt and Hate
Anger and Sorrow
Fear and Confusion
Compassion and Love

Blessings to our Knowings of Death
May All Be Blessed
May All Be Held
Blessings on Life's Journey

a person's hands grasp the handle of a shovel, a green lawn in the background
Grave yard a King's Chapel, Boston