Blessed Are All Living Things

For the blessing of animal companions we give thanks.
For the beautiful ones, those whose fur is silky and whose tails are long; 
whose feathers are brilliant or whose voices are splendid... we give thanks.

For the frantic ones, the runts and the hungry, who run for a food bowl 
or a pat as though this is life’s last possible gift, we give thanks.

For the obnoxious ones, the heads that butt against us as we’re trying to sleep; 
the bodies that refuse to learn discretion as they make digestive gifts... we give thanks.

For those who bark and purr and growl and mew, for all who squeak or squawk or snarl or hiss, we give thanks.

For the animals unknown to us, those whose niche in life’s web is fragile; 
whose lives are insecure; for all who care for them and wish them well, we give thanks.

Blessed are the animals.
Blessed are the creatures who live with us and need our care.
Blessed are the mammals and the reptiles and the birds 
who teach us we are not alone.
Blessed are all living things from whom we learn to love.

A small turtle sits in the palm of a person's hand
Two hands, cupped together with palms up, cradle four small eggs (one blue, three white)
A happy border collie sits behind the last wooden pew in a sanctary full of people