The Promise and the Practice: Benediction #2

What is The Promise and the Practice? It's a turning moment; a choice to listen deeply to the stories in our movement that have not been heard, and taken to heart, by all Unitarian Universalists.

It’s a lamenting of what our Unitarian Universalist tradition and congregations have lost by being unable – or unwilling – to center people of color (or even, at times, to merely include them).

The Promise and the Practice is a celebration of our shared commitment to live into a new chapter in the story of our UU faith.

A full set of worship & RE materials is available for your Promise & Practice Sunday!

Somebody’s calling your name—
Can you hear it?
Calling you to a past not quite forgotten,
Calling us to a future not fully imagined?
Hush, hush:
Somebody’s calling our name.
What shall we do?

Note: this benediction is part of an entire Promise & Practice worship packet