Benediction for September 11

On this hallowed day,
We remember.
We remember those who are no longer present with us here,
but who remain forever present in our hearts
and who live on in our memories.
We embrace.
We embrace those whose sorrow is unmeasurable;
We have no cure for sorrow,
only the comforting love of those who are closest to us.
We honor.
We honor those in uniform, who continue – courageously – to run toward danger on our behalf;
may we be worthy of their courage and sacrifice.
And we ask.
We ask our civic leaders
to always guide us in ways
that promote peace over war,
tolerance over intolerance,
reason over blind passion,
and love over hate.
May all here find blessing in their lives,
hope in their days, and comfort in their nights.
Let us go now, in peace. Amen.