Why I Celebrate Easter

People ask me why I celebrate Easter even though I'm not a Christian or a believer in the physical resurrection of Jesus. I celebrate because I believe it to be a spiritual metaphor—one of the most powerful and heartening of spiritual metaphors—for our own apotheosis and resurrection to a new life.

Every day offers us, yet again, the chance to experience our own Divinity and spiritual Transformation. The stone is rolled away and the tomb is left empty every time we acknowledge our own Christ Reality—or whatever name you choose to use—and the Christ Reality of all beings and things as part and parcel of the Ultimate Divine Mystery in which we “live and move and have our being.”

To do that, we must die to our small, petty ego-selves: a difficult, often painful process. That, I believe, is the inner meaning and spiritual work of Good Friday. A good day to reflect and to consider our own need to die to self. Not in sorrow, but in anticipation of what is to come.