We Gather to Remember

Wreaths of red poppies lying at the World War One British memorial to the missing of the Somme (in Thiepval, France).

We gather to remember
Those who could not grow old
And those forced to grow old long before their time

We gather to mourn and grieve with one another
All of our losses: the people, the stories, the loved ones,
And the futures that could have been.

We gather to do the hard work
Of facing the difficult realities of our present and our past:
Where there is conflict, violence, war, and hatred.

We gather to hold space for silence
As we try to make meaning of our history
To help us work for peace and justice today.

We gather to rekindle our source of hope for our future
By recognizing in one another our shared humanity
As we join in a concerted commitment for a better tomorrow.

We gather because we need community to do all of this holy work.