The Breath of Life Is Not Mine Alone

Two people look up at the camera, their faces pressed together and their hands caressing the other's face.

I do not wish to breathe another breath if it is not shared with others. The breath of life is not mine alone.

I brought myself to be with you, hoping that by inhaling the compassion, the courage, the hope found here, I can exhale the fear, the selfishness, the separateness I keep so close to my skin.

I cannot live another moment, at least not one of joy, unless you and I find our oneness somewhere among each other, somewhere between the noise, somewhere within the silence of the next breath.

About the Author

Kristen L. Harper

The Rev. Dr. Kristen L. Harper, senior minister of the Unitarian Church of Barnstable, Massachusetts, was the second woman of African descent called to a Unitarian Universalist (UU) church through the UUA settlement process. She is a contributor to … from the Margins: An Anthology of Meditations,...

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