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This list includes every page or product from UUA.org, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with UU Beliefs or its children.

  • As voters successfully fight repressive laws, more GOP legislatures attempt to stifle citizen initiatives.

    By Jeff Milchen | May 5, 2023 | From UU World
    Tagged as: Democracy, UU Beliefs, Reproductive Health, Voting Rights, Reproductive Justice
  • It has been my profound honor to serve as your UUA president.

    By Susan Frederick-Gray | April 7, 2023 | From UU World
    Tagged as: Change, UU Beliefs
  • "It was like we were all transported to a common place that was peaceful, happy, and alive. To me, that’s creating Beloved Community."

    By Staff Writer | April 26, 2023 | From Spirit
    Tagged as: Community, Creativity, UU Beliefs, Youth Ministry
  • With the Community Church of New York's All-8 Workshop, young people are exploring the Principles in ways that touch both their creativity and their identities.

    By Elaine McArdle | April 5, 2023 | From Life
    Tagged as: Acceptance, America, Anti-Oppression, Change, Principles and Purposes, UU Beliefs, UU Identity, Young Adults, Youth/Teens
  • Nuanced, surprising, and beautiful, Unitarian Universalism joins together myriad sources and experiences.

    By Janice Marie Johnson, James Ishmael Ford, Abhi Prakash Janamanchi, Amanda Poppei | May 1, 2022 | From Spirit
    Tagged as: Personal Stories, UU Beliefs, UU Theology
  • Living into Beloved Community is spiritual work.

    Feature | By Susan Frederick-Gray | May 1, 2022 | From Spirit
    Tagged as: Personal Stories, UU Beliefs, UU Theology
  • On the 20-year anniversary of September 11th, UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray reflects on the costs of America's response and spiritual strength of choosing love.

    By Susan Frederick-Gray | September 10, 2021 | From Press Releases
    Tagged as: 6th Principle (World Community), International Human Rights & Justice, UU Beliefs, Solidarity in Immigration Justice
  • "A lucid, intellectually honest, and convincing prescription for leading an authentic life of love, reason, and joy..." -John B. Hooper, President, HUUmanists...

    Book | By William R. Murry
    Tagged as: Ethics, Humanism, Mindfulness, UU Beliefs, UU Identity, UU Theology, Religious Pluralism
  • A helpful introduction to the Unitarian Universalist Principle of “a free and responsible search for truth and meaning” and how Unitarian Universalists connect with the sacred. Pack of 25 pamphlets.To read this pamphlet click here.

    Pamphlet or Card | By Erica Shadowsong
    Tagged as: Belief, Community, Faith, Unitarian Universalism, UU Beliefs
  • Mission and covenant are an antidote to individualism. They remind us of the responsibilities that come with an affirmation of interdependence.

    By Susan Frederick-Gray | March 1, 2019 | From UU World
    Tagged as: Community, Despair, Forgiveness, Individualism, Pain, Solidarity, UU Beliefs, UU Theology