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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Success.

  • The Six New Rules of Business

    Judy Samuelson

    The rules of business are changing dramatically. The Aspen Institute’s Judy Samuelson describes the profound shifts in attitudes and mindsets that are redefining our notions of what constitutes business success...

  • The Queering of Corporate America

    Carlos A. Ball

    From Beacon Press

    An accurate picture of the LGBTQ rights movement’s achievements is incomplete without this surprising history of how corporate America joined the cause...

  • Don't Knock the Hustle
    Young Creatives, Tech Ingenuity, and the Making of a New Innovation Economy

    S. Craig Watkins

    From Beacon Press

    Offers a timely analysis of the sheer ingenuity and persistence of young people who cobble together the resources they need to pursue the lives and careers they want.

  • The Economic Case for LGBT Equality
    Why Fair and Equal Treatment Benefits Us All
    From Beacon Press

    An economist demonstrates how LGBT equality and inclusion within organizations increases their bottom line and allows for countries’ economies to flourish

  • Little Legends
    Exceptional Men in Black History

    An important book for readers of all ages, this beautifully illustrated and engagingly written volume brings to life true stories of black men in history

  • Success Through Diversity
    Why the Most Inclusive Companies Will Win
    From Beacon Press

    Explores how investing in a racially and ethnically diverse workforce will help make contemporary businesses more dynamic, powerful, and profitable

  • Real Kids, Real Stories, Real Challenges
    Overcoming Adversity Around the World

    Garth Sundem

    Inspiring true stories of kids from around the world who have overcome obstacles to create success for themselves.

  • Crossing the Finish Line Together

    Susan Dana Lawrence

    Based on a true story that happened at the 1976 Special Olympics in Seattle, WA
  • Little Leaders
    Bold Women in Black History

    This beautifully illustrated book introduces readers of all ages to 40 women who changed the world.

  • A Prayer for Unfinished Business

    Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson

    From WorshipWeb
    Dear great lathe of heaven, O foundry of souls, You churning, burning cosmos which has wrought me on the infinite loom of your celestial body. Spinning...