Staying Connected: Virtual Faith Development Support

By Nancy Combs-Morgan

Twenty three years ago I began a journey of service as a Unitarian Universalist religious educator. I soon discovered the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA). With clusters of religious educators, and my LREDA chapter, I found nurture, encouragement, and many opportunities for professional development. The landscape has changed in our movement, yet, the depth of professional relationships in faith development continue to provide sustenance and inspiration. As a Congregational Life Consultant for the last 15 years, the scope has broadened (thankfully) with the understanding that all we do in our congregation’s is faith development. Yet, there remains a need, especially for newer religious educators, to find connection with others in our beloved vocation. A virtual answer has emerged, for I have been charged, with Kathy Charles of the Southern Region, to provide a platform of virtual continuing education opportunities for religious educators in the MidAmerica and Southern Regions. This plan begins on April 9th and 16th with an online training “RE Essentials” (with myself, Pat Kahn, from our national Faith Development office, and Jules Jaramillo, with the Good Offices portfolio with the LREDA Board), for newer religious educators. There is still time to take part (Register today!). Going forward, I would love to hear feedback on our next offering, which could include collegial group spiritual direction; collegial conversations on dismantling white supremacy; safer congregation’s trainings; explorations of new models and the future of UU faith development, and all within a broader model of a co-regional Learning Collaborative.

Let’s connect…. Nancy Combs-Morgan, CRE-ML, Congregational Life Consultant

About the Author

Nancy Combs-Morgan

Nancy Combs-Morgan has been immersed in Unitarian Universalist faith development for 26+ years, including 6 as a Director of Religious Education, and 20 years on UUA district and regional staff.

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