Southern Region Board Training 2022

By Natalie Briscoe

The Southern Region is excited to offer more support to congregations and their governing boards with our Southern Region Board Training 2022! This opportunity will provide you with a toolbox of in-depth material on: governance; the board work checklist; roles and responsibilities in the congregation; the role of mission in Unitarian Universalist governance; church year calendars; shared ministry and committees on shared ministry; yearly goal setting and congregational evaluations; ins and outs of board meetings; and further resources for continued education throughout the church year.

Registrants will receive all material consisting of PowerPoint slides, videos, examples, and resource links on June 1, 2022. On August 6, 2022, after your board members have had ample time to view, read, and discuss the material, you are invited to a processing session to ask questions about the material presented, talk with other boards of churches of a similar size, and craft a board retreat agenda that you can use in your congregation for years to come!

Please join us for this exciting journey that will skill up your board and prepare them for leadership through and beyond this year!

The goals of this training are to: (1) provide a comprehensive set of resources and trainings for boards of any sized congregation to use for education and, (2) to support boards in creating and sustaining board retreats, creating a culture of co-leadership in your congregation that holds its own institutional knowledge year to year.

Register today to receive the materials and attend the August 6th processing session!