Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Circle of Trees: A Multigenerational Program about Nourishing Deep Connections with Nature

Handout 1: Tree-Related Project Ideas

Part of Circle of Trees

Here are some suggestions for tree-related projects:

  • Create a "Tree Guide" to the congregation's property. Identify the types of trees, and prepare informational plaques to be placed along a trail that congregants can use as a self-guided tour. Identify any work or maintenance that might be needed, and work with the appropriate congregational leaders to schedule the work.
  • Plant trees, either on the congregation's property or in the local community.
  • Create a "Nature Playground" or "Tree Place" as appropriate for your facility, in order to invite an appreciation of a tree or trees and of nature. Use The Arbor Day Foundation Nature Explore Program as a starting point.
  • Display the artwork and poetry you create in Workshop 4, Activity 5, in a Circle of Trees exhibit for your congregation. If desired, visitors to the exhibit can create their own art or poetry to add to the exhibit, with Circle of Trees participants leading the activity and sharing what they have been doing in the program.
  • Join up with a local Adopt-A-Stream group and participate in stream bank cleanup days.
  • Plan a fundraiser for an international tree group, such as the Global Tree Campaign, the Green Belt Movement, or the Rainforest Foundation.
  • Investigate whether your local community, city, or town has a Climate Change Action Plan already in place. If so, invite a guest speaker or a panel of speakers to talk about the plan and report on progress in implementing it. If no climate change plan has been developed, invite interested citizens, either within the congregation or from the wider community, to meet together and discuss ways to approach local officials about starting the process.