Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Miracles: A Multigenerational Program on Living in Awe and Wonder

Activity 8: Reflection on Experiments

Part of Miracles

Activity time: 5 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers, and tape

Description of Activity

At the conclusion of the rotation, bring the group back together and prompt for their reflections on the experiments. Ask them to describe the transformations they observed. Ask if any of the transformations seemed miraculous. If we did not know what air is made of—that is, if we had no understanding of oxygen or carbon dioxide—would the transformations seem miraculous? How to you think people explained the effects of various gases before those gases were known?

Point out the simplicity of the experiments and the complexity of the concepts that explain them. Remind them of the serendipitous nature of Joseph Priestley’s discoveries about carbon dioxide. Affirm that open-minded inquiry and close attention can lead to discovery. Miracles are more than cause and effect; they can be about our ability to notice carefully what is happening.

Invite final reflections on the activities, ideas, and images of the experiments.